Sunday, March 28, 2010

The King of Dumplings

Their really isn't quite anything like dumplings to order. This notion is exactly what the unassuming Dumpling King offers up. The closet sized restaurant at 15 Northway, is one of the most un-noticable, hole in the wall places I've gone to. Needless to say if you didn't know it was there, you probably wouldn't find it. With only 4 or 5 tables, and a big billboard menu (including everyones favorite "Seefood Dumplings") with pictures of there 9 or 10 varieties of dumplings, one may be left wondering how this place manages any business at all. It still lingers in my mind why they needed pictures on the billboard as they all looked exactly the same, except for 1 was of fried dumplings, and the other steamed.

However the key to success here, was the hand made, made to order dumplings. The chef, and from all I can assume, proprietor of Dumpling King, comes out, greets you, takes your order, and then goes hard fast to work. Shortly going to the back he appears to bring you some tea. We kept our order simple, 1 order of fried chicken and vegetable, and one order steamed pork and napa (each order containing 16 dumplings).

In preparation we mixed our sauce, they offered, black vinegar, soy sauce, chili sauce, and what looked to be some delicious home made chili and garlic oil. Keeping the sauce basic and to the point, we mearly combined soy sauce and the chili oil.

First to arrive was the fried chicken and vegetable dumplings.
My dining compatriot was a little skeptical on ordering the fried, being a traditionalist and all, he tends to keep to the steamed variety. However they hit the table, and not only looked delicious, but tasted wonderful as well. Perfect hand crafted dumplings dredged in oil that couldn't be changed more then once a month. Some oil that is used heavily suffers in quality, but oil used for the purpose of just 1 item only gains flavour. We made short work of the fried dumplings, and moved on to the pork and napa.

Again perfectly crafted, wonderfully juicy, and very tasty.

For a meager 14$ check, my only complaint after this meal was how my camera washed out the photo of the steamed dumplings. I highly recommend this joint to anyone in or passing through North York. On a side note, from what I'm to understand they also sell frozen dumplings for a dollar off menu price for anyone looking for something for home.

Bon appetit.

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