Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Their just ain't enough smells like a boiling pot of Jambalaya!

I feel in love with this savory spicy dish down in New Orleans where it was an accompaniment to many dishes I ate there. This was the first time I have cooked it myself, and had it since being in New Orleans (barring one occasion at Big Daddies Crab Shack last October).

I was down at the St. Lawrence Market last week buying some sausages, from the Sausage King vendor, for lunch that day when I happened by some Andouille Sausages. I picked them up right away as they aren't the easiest things to find, and knew right then and there, Jambalaya was in my future.

So last night I cooked some up, with some herbed potato wedges and stir fried broccoli mushrooms and garlic.

Turned out well except for the rice in the Jambalaya was slightly undercooked. I tried tasting it ahead of time, unfortunately it was so hot I burnt the living shit out of my mouth and was no closer to tell if the rice was done. So I eyeballed it, and judged by the time that it should be done, in retrospect, it probably could have used another 5 minutes.

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