Sunday, February 28, 2010

Outdoor Adventuring and The Roy

So this weekend the Outdoor Adventure Show was in Toronto, Missassauga to be technical. So I ventured out to check it out. After a god awful TTC journey, we ended up a 2.8km hike from the International Centre where the show was being held. We entered, and it was fairly crowded, and loaded with displays. I still am unsure as to what 40% of them had to do with outdoor adventuring as a lot of them were healthy supplements for home use, not to mention the hot sauce stand. It was refreshing to at least find 1 table boasting a selection of smoked and dried meats amidst tables hawking nature bars. I was glad to get an idea of the discounted wares sold at the show, such as canoes and kayaks, as well as cross off a couple of small items from my list of needed supplies. Me and my friend left with a venerable shit ton of flyer's, brochures, booklets, handouts, and advertisements from as near as the Bruce trail to as far as Mt Kilimanjaro or the Arctic Circle.

After lugging 20 pounds worth of brochures and booklets back to the downtown core from Missassauga, me and my party of 3 were left all but too hungry, so we made trek over to The Roy Public House at Queen and Logan. Ever since my first visit I've been looking forward to a return visit. The joint serves up a menu of traditional pub food items, nothing you cant find nearly anywhere else (the Scotch Eggs perhaps being the exception). However where they stand out is the excellent standard of quality put into the food. You always know when your in for a treat when as soon as you enter the front door and are delighted by the welcoming scent. I dare say, whilst not the best pub food I've had globally, they certainly top the best in the city, and perhaps even the continent. At the price they serve the food at too boot, this place is my top recommendation for traditional pub food. As with the first time, I was stumped at what too order, as with the last time I couldn't decide between the half pound beef dip sandwich (Roast Beef Sandwich served with Jus, and chips) or the Guinness, Steak, and Mushroom pie (served with seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes). And with staying true to my prior visit, I got neither. For appetizers we ordered the Artisan Sausages (3 different sausages served with 2 kinds of mustard, a hot keens, and a grainy honey mustard) to share amongst the table. One of my dining compatriots ordered himself a Scotch Egg (hard boiled egg, wrapped in pork, breaded, deep fried, and served cold). The sausages were quite tasty, my friend unfortunately not realizing what he ordered till it hit the table, inevitably was not satisfied with his choice. We moved on to the mains, I ordered the Fish & Chips (a tough decision made after seeing a few orders of them reach the adjacent table)

Christina ordered the Spicy Beef Quesadilas,

and Renars ordered The Ultimate Roy (Burger, with lettuce, tomato, onion, grilled onion, saute mushrooms, cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce).

All in all, a delightful meal, parred with a few frothy pints. The fish potentially taking the number 2 spot in best fish and chips I've eaten. The Quesadila was well put together, and quite tasty (although I would have gotten the chicken myself). And the view of the burger, it certainly looked quite delicious.

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