Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Things I've Cooked

At least recently, in anticipation to writing this blog I created a log of things I've made here at home in the passed weeks. So without further ado;

Where the magic happens

Fried shrimp wrapped in wonton w/ sweet chili sauce
Mushroom, cucumber, and noodle soup

Soy sauce chicken w/ braised mushrooms

Fried noodles w/ shrimp

Pork filled wonton

Green onion and shrimp pancake

Dak Jorim - Korean chicken stew

Boiling cauldron of chili

Chili cheese fries

Potato & leak soup, w/ parsley, green onion, and potato croutons

Tandoori Chicken Skewers

Galbi (Sweet Beef Ribs)

Daeji Bulgogi (Spicy Thin Slice Pork)

Cajun Fried Shrimp

Sweet Potato Fries, w/ Chipolte Mayonnaise

Cajun Chicken Fingers

Cajun Calamari

As you can tell I have an appreciation of Asian cuisine. It's generally something I tend to crave and try to perfect on my own, however every now and then, as in the case of December I get a craving for something to the effect of chili cheese fries. Mmmm. Cajun food has also become a fast growing interest of mine ever since I was in New Orleans (blackened alligator, fried catfish, and jambalaya anyone?).

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