Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feeling Uninspired

So I've been feeling a little low on energy today so I decided to keep it relativly simple for dinner. That being said im making medium-rare steak fajita's. Most of the works done as Ill be using pre-made salsa, and a pre-made spice mix, and a simple homemade guacamole. The trick is defying what the packaging of the spice mix says.

Start with the guacamole

Add onions and tomato

Add cumin, salt, and pepper

Juice 1 lime

Add avacado (2)

Puree (I usually add Cilantro too, but had none at hand)

Keep your steak whole, and rub in some of the spice mix, then fry your steak to medium-rare.

After the steak is cooked transfer to a cutting board

Add more oil and your veg to the pan.

Add water and the rest of the spice mix to the pan when they are soft. After sauce has thickend remove from heat.

Now slice the steak and add to the veg, mixing into the sauce.

Now just chop some toppings,

heat your tortilla's,

Assemble and serve.

All in all not a bad meal for the work involved.

Normally I would make the salsa and spice mix myself (sometimes the tortillas too), maybe even a salsa verde yet today I lacked the energy and ingredients. I also usually add cilantro to my guac but had none. Hopefully when BBQ weather comes back around I can get a proper from scratch grilled Fajita.

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