Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Places I've Been - So Far p2

August 2008

This particular trip involved hitting the auld dusty with my ma' to visit family in Nova Scotia. That being said, this was not the easiest trip I've taken patience wise. Certainly lacking in the drunken debauchery department (although I had my moments). On the way back we went up to PEI, and down through NB, and Maine to Boston, and back up to Toronto.

The Ferry from NB to NS

Aunts House in Middleton, NS

Sign's in Cape Breton are in English and Gaelic

Beach in Cape Breton

Sometimes you wanna go, where nobody knows your name

May-June 2009

I spent the first half of this summer hanging out in and around Toronto. Going down to the lake, music festivals, and a trip out to Milton to celebrate my dear friends 24th year on the planet. Some of the boys and I also head out to Pembroke to welcome our friend back from Afghanistan
First beach trip '09....

Got Rained on.

Cherry Hill Ambient Music Night

Shucking Oysters at the East Coast Music Fest

Andy returned safe, sound, and freshly hammered

The Road to Milton was Paved in Booze and Rain

July-August 2009

At this point in the summer I headed out with a friend to BC to visit a mutual friend who was to be married at the end of August. The point being to take a road trip, which started with us on Vancouver Island. It took us from there to Washington State, Oregon, California where we stopped at Yosemite, Frisco, and LA. We then went east through Nevada stopping in Las Vegas, and then into Arizona. We tried to go to the grand canyon but the bastards wanted 20$ each and we only had time for a quick look so we figured it was money best spent elsewhere. We then drove through Arizona into El Paso, TX. At this point we decided it best to drive straight through Texas to New Orleans in one unfortunate stretch of driving. From New Orleans we decided it best to start our final march back home, stopping only for a few nights in Tennessee to visit friends. 11 short hours later we were back home in Toronto and Chris married 2 short weeks later.

Cutting up some fresh caught Salmon

Smoking is good right before a long distance hike...

I always suspected I was the kind of guy you could find hanging out in a cave...

Best swim ever.

The view of the lake at the top of the mountain!

The Sand dunes of Oregon. Fucking Awesome! The sand in every imaginable crevasse - not so much.

Now were cooking!

Yes I even climb cliffs in a blazer.

Sloppy G&T's at dawn in Vegas

Bourbon St. maybe a tourist trap, but man can a mate get over served there or what?

10 minutes later.

The masterfully designed city of New Orleans

A group shot of us Road Trippers and the boy's of Tennessee

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