Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Place's I've Been - So Far

As mentioned in my introduction, as well as being something of a food connoisseur, I enjoy travelling and adventuring. The following is a small blurb of the places I've wound up in.

October 2006
My first real travel experience, I picked up from my house in Toronto to head over to London England, and went on to see Ireland - Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork, Killarney, and Galway. I experienced ups (excellent food, drink, nightlife, country side, and people) and downs (held in customs and interrogated, homeless nights, getting lost, and threats of arrest and law suits).

Trafalgar Sq, London

Hunger Striker Memorial, Kilkenny

The River Lee, Cork

One of the Lakes of Killarney

June 2007
Me and a few friends take a light camping trip to Samuel De Champlain Provincial Park. Had some rain set backs day 2 venturing us into the city of North Bay for a depressing dinner, and a few pints in a empty pub. A electronic trivia game seemed to be the key entertainment. The following day we drove out to Algonquin for some Canoe Drills.
A cold one after setting up camp

The peak of the aptly named bird shit island

Back on the canoe
July 2008

This year we organized a much larger camping event, with more people, and a much more adventurous approach. We set out with 6 people, 3 canoes, 48 beers and a 40 oz bottle of vodka into Algonquin park.

Our Grand Arrival

The Less Grand Portage

The Majestic Landscape

And the Haggard Return

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