Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Lamb Burger, In Focus

So in light of making lamb burgers at the BBQ the other night, I decided to make another post focusing on them after finding a pack of frozen ground lamb. So one of the key elements in making a lamb burger is using strong flavored ingredients in the meat. Lamb being a very strong flavored meat, it is important to pair it with equally strong ingredients or the flavor takes over. So think in terms of strong herbs, and along the lines of red onion and garlic in the meat mix (as well as the standard burger mix additions, Worcestershire, egg, salt and pepper). When making mine, under ideal terms, I have Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms, dill sauce, and then regular burger toppings (lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion). So I was fortunate to have all but the Swiss cheese, which I replaced with Marble.

Dill Sauce

Burger Toppings

The Patty

On the side I was doing some chips and gravy. I was making a beef gravy, I lacked any beef drippings / fat, so I made my roux with butter. Proportions were equal parts melted butter and flour (about 1/4 cup of each), and roughly 2 cups of beef stock, roughly 1 tsp salt and pepper, and a splash of Worcestershire and soy sauce.

Everything turned out well, the lamb burgers were not as good as the ones I made on Tuesday, perhaps due to using frozen instead of fresh lamb, or using NZ lamb vs local. And by not as good I mearly mean a little overpowering in the lamb flavor. Although this could also be attributed to cooking them over fire on Tuesday as opposed to pan frying today. The chips (twice fried) were good and crispy, and the gravy was quite tasty.

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