Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Trick to Giving Up Smokes...

Is more smokes! That's right, as of late I decided to give up smoking. And one thing that's been consistent with me and quitting smoking, is a rise in appetite. To help fill this appetite, one thing hits the spot best - poutine! And for this I decided to slate the craving by finally giving Smokes Poutinerie a go (various Toronto locales, I ate at the Adelaide location).

So for my first visit I ordered up a regular sized, plain poutine (gravy and cheese curds). I must admit the portion was more massive then I was expecting (although about right for 7+ dollars). One of the biggest shames of the poutine world are the places using either grated cheese instead of curds, or the places that skimp on the curds. This is no fear at smokes, as your poutine arrives to you with a plentiful helping of curds. The gravy (tasted like chicken gravy) was tasty as well, although I admit to being a sucker for the classic beef gravy.

All in all a tasty poutine, full of cheesy goodness. Whilst not good enough to end my search for the best poutine, it certainly filled the craving... for now.

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