Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

Ok so maybe the cup of ginger lemon green tea doesn't exactly spell champion - but I'm sure it will help prepare my stomach for the mass of red meat. Whilst hunting through my spice cabinet one morning I came across a long lost bottle of Barbarians Steak Rub (purchased from Barbarians Steak House, 7 Elm St, Toronto).

I decided to put it to good use right then and there. I got the steak I was saving for some dinner in the near future from the fridge, liberally added the spices. I pre-heated my cast iron skillet, and added my steak. Mean while I cracked a few eggs, whisked, and went into the pan following the removal of my steak, 6 minutes later.
Ain't nothing quite like a nice medium rare steak with eggs cooked in beef drippings for breakfast! Served with the tradition HP sauce, an addition steak sauce, and a touch of ketchup (that didn't really get used). Maybe next major holiday I will replace the green tea with a beer and wait for my stomach to divorce me.

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