Sunday, June 13, 2010

BBQ Ribs, Sweet Potato Chips, & Garlic Spinach Shrimp

So to continue in the trend of oven BBQing, I made a couple racks of Dr Pepper Ribs, recipe courtesy of Whilst I enjoyed these ribs, made with only a few substitutions of personal preference (I used Chili-Cabarnet Sauvingon Mustard). If I decide to make these again the big thing I will be changing is the amount of black pepper in the rub, I like to put a good amount of rub on my ribs, and 1/4 cup was far too much for my tastes. Moral of the story, if you don't like a very strong black pepper taste, use less.

For accompaniment, I made some home-fries, salad, sweet potato chips, and an alternative of garlic shrimp.

For the home fries I diced the potatoes to about one and a half cm cubes. They were then tossed in olive oil, and seasoned with chip wagon french fry seasoning. I then sauteed them whilst adding water periodically for roughly 20-30 minutes.
The sweet potato chips were sauteed in butter, with salt, pepper, brown sugar, and paprika.

For the shrimps I diced 3 pieces of bacon, and sauteed them in butter and olive oil till cooked, then added about 3-4 tbs of minced garlic, sauteed till fragrant. Followed by the shrimps and then the spinach. They were finished off with the juice from half a lemon.
If your like me and don't like the flavour of shrimp and bacon together feel free to leave it out.
Other then the strong pepper flavour, I thought the ribs were quite enjoyable.


  1. Mmm, looks sooooo yummy! So did you actually use Dr. Pepper in the recipe for the ribs, or is that just your witty name for the result?