Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Leftover Mash Potatoes

I just finished the last scraps of one of my favorite breakfasts which I have whenever I have leftover mashed potatoes. Its simple to make, all you need is bacon, egg, tomato, ketchup (optional), and the leftover mash.
Start by thinning out the mash potatoes with milk to a thick batter like consistency. Meanwhile have the bacon cooking. When the bacon is finished cooking remove it to some paper towels, and add some olive oil to the bacon fat, and add the potato batter. This part can be tricky, first things first, making sure you have enough oil to avoid having the potato stick. Do not fret if the potato pancake breaks when you try and flip it, just reform it in the pan, whilst trying to keep the un-browned parts on the surface of the pan. Rinse and repeat until you can flip it without it breaking (this usually takes 3-4 flips and reforms). When your confidant that your potato will no longer break, cook the egg, and slice a tomato.

The building process goes as such;
The potato patty

Bon Appetite.

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