Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chapter 6: Don't Be Feckin' With My Irish Whiskey!

Well there we were, Friday evening. Undoubtedly after another day spent lazing around the hostel, drinking bottles to no end. With only a meagre two days till the trek back to Toronto, it was time to get back into the thick of it.

First stop off the trolley was supper. After a few disappointing closures, we ended up in the nearest place that looked nice and would seat us. And whilst technically closed, our kind waiter convinced the kitchen to crank out one more meal.

Our drinks arrived promptly, Sazeracs for the boys.

And a hurricane for Denise.

We split an order of the crab and crawfish balls for an appetizer.
Anton elected the gumbo to start.

I don't recall the name of Billy's extravagant main, but it was effectively a chicken breast, topped with a crab cake, topped with 2 grilled shrimp.

Denise had the Jambalaya Pasta.

I opted for the Crawfish Etouffee.

And Antone the mix seafood platter, containing catfish, oysters, shrimp, crab cake, and a softshell crab.

With dinner digesting it was time to move on to the old night out. First stop Molly's Bar. With the sign outside truly unique to New Orleans, that I can never get enough of; Drinks to go! The 5.50$ Irish Car Bombs didn't hurt my feelings any either.

After drowning in a few here we moved on next door to a hard rock bar.

Unable to shake the over filling from dinner, and failing to really gain any form of inebriation, we stumbled back to the hostel. We were greeted by a fair group of our international party goers. We stayed up chatting till the wee hours and then clambered to bed.

Bright eyed and refreshed Saturday morning, we were 4 people on a mission. To hell or intoxication! We took a short stroll to take in the sights before taking the trolley back into town.

Once back in town we went for the river walk.

It wasn't long however till talk of ice cream daqueri's came up, and before you knew it we were lined up to get our share.

After which we finally ended up taking in some of the French Quarter Festival. First off was Crepes with Goat Cheese and Crawfish Sauce. And of course copious amounts of dirty hurricanes and abita beer.

More Hurricanes and an Oyster Spinach dip.

We set our sights on The French Market for lunch. To wet the whistle it was Louisiana Lemonades, a rum strawberry lemonade. Absolutely delicious.

We split an order of the fried alligator.

An order of the crawfish and jambalaya.

After another serious feed and several more lemonades, we went to browse the market.

While browsing the market we discovered double vodka sweet teas. This folks, would be our ruin. After downing a few of these tasty beverages we went to the international stage to see our local happy pals perform.

One Toby Hughes

Kate and Chloe

And the happy pals

A great afternoon, marred only by losing my friends post show. After stumbling around on my own for sometime, I made trail back to the hostel.

Shortly after arriving I found quite the sight back in the room.

Oh my.

Ah Denise you lapsed catholic!

In the end we ended up spending another night sitting around the hostel. Most of it resulting in me talking pure shit to the fraternity variety of idiot after one too many. I seem to recall having them convinced that by Canadian federal law we are only aloud to listen to French country music (with lyrics regarding such relevant topics as mimes, and red wine) and predominantly speak only French within the country. Once again for peace of mind, idiots.

We decided to take a relaxed Sunday, and do a few touristy things, a bit of shopping and the like.

We also got to take in a bit more of the festival.

As well as taken another gander through the constantly busy French Quarter.

After some time spend wandering we went back to the hostel to drop off our stuff and find a grocery. We spend a fair bit of time wandering the grocery, and I left after spending about 80$ on hot sauce. I also claimed a 6 pack of beer, a litre of Elmer T Lee Bourbon, and myself and Billy grabbed a package of sausage each.

And not your garden variety sausage either.

Pork and Alligator

and a spicy pork and crawfish

With the wonderful use of the hostel BBQ, I went to work.

The sausages were delicious, and very filling. As excited as I was for the alligator, I must say, I think I preferred the spicy crawfish. Unable to eat them all, we offered the leftovers around to our fellow backpackers.

Shortly after, our group was reunited in its entirety. Plus new additions that had been met along the way.


and Joe

As one big happy family, we made trail for Finn McCools Irish Pub. A Northern (Irish) owned pub, within reasonable distance from our hostel.

Upon entering we were introduced to some locally brewed, Nola stout, and likewise locally distilled Irish whiskey - Feckin Irish Whiskey. Myself and Billy had 1 stout and 1 shot each. I can't even impart how morbidly awful each beverage was. One more vile then the other, combining the flavours to make an even more loathsome sickening flavour to invade your now morose palate. I've said it once, and Ill say it again; Don't be feckin with my Irish Whiskey!!!

We sat and passed the late hours, drinking, chatting, and blaring red hot chili peppers on the juke. It was a night to remember, despite most of us not being able to.

Goodnight New Orleans. Ill see you in my dreams.

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