Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chapter 7: Home for a Rest

The journey back to Toronto was a bizarre spectacle, every bit as bizarre as the trip down, just less enjoyable. On the journey down, we got to watch as trees grew life, as sky's cracked blue, and as the breeze turned from fridged to warm. On the miserable return, we watched trees die, the sky fade from blue to grey, and the breeze go from carrying a warm caress to a deathly chill.

We passed many cities, and sights on the return but stopped infrequently. On one such stop while still in the dirty south, Billy discovered fountain pops so large they require handles on the lids.

Later on that night we called it a night in Kentucky, grabbed a motel, and some take out white castle.

Whilst having been curious to try white castle since the film (harold and kumar go to white castle that is) I admit I was vastly disappointed, and also curious as to how much White Castle paid to have their shitty hamburgers advertised in the film.

Of all sights on the return trip, non were as strange, and frightening as driving through Detroit near the border. A decrepit town reminiscent of post apocalyptic imagery. Cracked buildings, black bags covering stop lights that were broken and hanging on by a thread to the posts. There were children of no more then 13 years of age pan handling on and off of freeway rampways. It was a dirty feeling, but left me happy to be back in Canada, at least for a fleeting time.

After returning to Canada, we said our fair wells to one another. Anton returned to Sudbury, and to his day to day. Billy went to his fraternity like house, and later returned to New Zealand, Denise returned home where she would later receive her 2nd year Canadian Visa. I met Michael and Anthony and went on the piss for another week!

So in the end, whilst I spent weeks researching things to do and planning out our trip, we managed to do quite little. And despite the fading feeling of irritation that the work I had put in inevitably felt wasted, I would not have done this trip differently. The most important thing to remember when travelling with a group folks, is that co-operation, and compromise are key (they aren't half bad life ideals either). And you will know in life you are in truly great company, that when you can practise, sacrifice, co-operation, and compromise, when despite not getting your way, or doing the opposite of what you wish to do, that you still feel completely content and fulfilled. I'd like to take a moment to thank my 3 friends and travelling companions (yes that's right, THREE), it would not have been the same done differently, or with other people. And a special thanks to Denise, without you, we probably would have died in a firey wreck in Pennsylvania. I'd wish a final toast to those at whom we met and are acquainted with from the India House Hostel, who we shared drink, laughter, and happy days. Here's to those whom are in my heart and never far from mind, local and foreign alike, Cheers, Slainte, Na Zdrovia, Salute.

On a final note, after god only knows how many days of drinking, upon finally reaching home, I wrote this little ditty.

The 12 Days of Drinking

(Sung of course to the 12 days of Christmas)

On the final day of drinking my doctor gave to me -
Sever liver damage
Several stomach ulcers
A bad brain hemorrhage
Two black eyes
Nineteen staples
Cirrhosis of the liver
Intestinal bleeding
Multiple antibiotics
And a four week hospital stay!

(and lets not forget gratitude towards socialized health care!)

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