Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Utopia Bar and Grill

In the fleeting few days I spent in Montreal I managed to make several aqcuintanceships. A very refreshing reminder of the good side of hosteling. It couldn't have come at better time as next month me and some friends are due to hit the streets of the big easy and will be hosteling it all the way.

One such acquaintance found himself in Toronto some time after Montreal. He got in touch and the only day we could co-ordinate to hangout was one where I had work in the afternoon. So we decided lunch. I picked what I felt would be a good representation of Canadian food, as well as being reasonably priced, and centrally located. So with that we were off to Utopia.

We arrived at Utopia around 1pm with the clock ticking for my impending work schedule. After sometime spent looking over the fairly lengthy menu, we decided on some burgers. Never having had Bison meat before, I recommended it to Geoff (who was just as unfirmilliar with the animal itself). So we both got Bison, he had his plain, I opted for the one smothered in onions, mushrooms, and swiss cheese.
Served with a large portion of fresh thick cut chips. All in all a satisfying meal at 12 or so dollars. Unfortunately there is only so much I can say for taste as at the time I was quite ill and had lost all sense of taste. Geoff however was very pleased and said its something he looked forward to being able to eat again. And really, how can you go wrong with a bison burger anyhow?

Afterwards we took a stroll into Kensington Market and dropped by The Last Temptation pub for a few pints. We downed a couple pitchers, and with that it was good luck back to Australia, and off to work.

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