Monday, July 19, 2010

The First of Many

When I was younger I used to own an Iguana. Unfortunately being an impetuous kid, I really couldn't take care of the poor thing. I didnt know what it needed passed a heat lamp, a tank, and food. Neither at the time did I have a computer to research things such as heat rocks can burn your pet reptiles. After a couple years of taking poor care of it, I eventually gave away the iguana to a person who adopts unwanted pets.

I beg you please, if you are going to get any animal, at any age, please do your research. If you are reading this then you have Internet access and NO EXCUSE NOT TO. It is best for you, and your pet alike. Make sure you know how to, and are able to provide the required habitat for what ever animal you purchase.

At the time I also gave away my interest in reptiles. An interest which came back a few years ago. It was an interest that continued to grow, and after a whole whack of research on the Internet, and in pet stores I decided to purchase my first ball python last month. I bought her from a breeder at the last Mississauga Reptile Expo.

So without further ado, this is my ball python Betsy (working name).

I say its the first of many as I am considering breeding them.

If I do purchase more, I will be making a new blog to monitor their progress.

Other reptile interests I have and am considering in the future are; Australian water dragons, frilled dragons, poison dart frogs (only made poisonous by their native diet), and several other lesser interests I'm still researching.

On a side note I have a bunch of stored photo's from events, dinners, and other such things here in Toronto that I'll be typing up this week.

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