Friday, February 4, 2011

Lion Tacos

So as some of you may have heard, there has been some controversy going on surrounding a Tuscon Arizona Taco Bars decision to serve Lion Tacos. Recently the owner has retracted his decision to serve the bizarre tacos due to a numerous amount of threats received. Not unlike threats that bombard other restaurants serving controversial meats (seal meat restaurants being a prime example). Now whilst I in no way advocate poaching animals from the wild, killing them and selling them for any purpose including meat (however I am more likely to let meat slide then the likes of skins), this only pertains to animals that are considered vulnerable or worse mind you. I am all for hunting for FOOD. I do not support hunting as mere sporting activity. However, as I am to understand, the particular lions in question for use in the tacos, were being bred on a farm in California for just that purpose. So I ask you this, if the lions being used are being bred for the shear point of slaughter as a food source, how are these tacos any different then that of your regular cattle taco? I could understand being upset from the point of strict veganism, from someone who is against the slaughter of any animal for food, but for your average joe, it just seems hypocritical. As for me, I'll have a lion taco please. As for you? Well thats for you to decide, and feel free to leave your opinion here.

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  1. Yes, it seems as though people are disgusted by the thought of eating lion meat (tough? oddly sweet? what on earth would it taste like?) and are simply attempting to justify their disgust by misguidedly applying their "morals" to the idea. Most people's ideals are based on pure feeling and have nothing to do with logic or reason, and attempts to justify their emotions later also have nothing to do with logic or reason.