Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Public Service Advisory - The C-Lounge

Whilst during a pleasant evening out myself and my friends made a trip to C-Lounge. Whilst by no means my 'cup of tea', my typical evening haunt, not my local, not a place I would normally so much as cross the street to spit on. However, after one too many beverages, the worst of ideas can seem like the greatest. So we landed in, and continued our revelry. Eventually after returning from a cigarette, I could see a confrontation brewing between a friend of mine and the security. The confrontation which I would find out would be as trivial, as my friend trying to defend his right to remain in the establishment, after ANOTHER patron had pushed him. The offending patron, more then likely friends of the security. Within a short amount of the time annoyed security upped the anti and called for back up. Suddenly myself and my friend were swarmed by upward of 8 bouncers. Whilst being thrown out, I was thrown down a flight of stairs on to concrete, kicked down the road, and inevitably kicked in the head. My friend received a sprained wrist. I ended up receiving 5 stitches, and my back has been sore for months.

Now I implore you, does this sound like rational treatment? Considering, I had done nothing but wait for my friend as he explained his circumstance, to people who neither cared nor wanted to hear it. To people willing to react to harsh violence at the drop of a hat. To use gang mentality to a T. Now whilst stories of abuse of power are a dime a dozen (by anyone with power to abuse, this particular case bouncers), I hope this helps convince you to avoid the C-Lounge, and falling victim to these pre-historic minded assholes.

I beg of you, do not end up like me. Do not attend the C-Lounge. Lets face it, good security or bad, its still a shit hole anyway.

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