Friday, July 8, 2011

Matt's Surprise 30th

Just a heads up, this likely won't be a long post, as my memory from this weekend is severely lacking to say the least. Also, as much as a ton of delicious food was served up, there is relatively little photo evidence of such (which is not a bad thing for night 1, I cant say cooking bulloxed drunk in the pitch black resulted in the very best showing of my culinary ability).

Well there it was, the first of the lads to turn the big 3-0. We knew something special was in order, but what? Well we threw a few ideas on the table (camping, travel, cottage rental, etc, etc, etc) and came to the decision that a cottage rental would be best. So we gathered the details, made the arrangements, brewed, butchered, and preped food and drink!

Now regrettably it was unseasonably cold till late in the year this year, and with that the end of March was still snowy, frigid, and frozen. And I would later learn (re-learn) the lesson of why you shouldn't mix more then 3 types of liquor, drink drinks made with 5 shots of whiskey like they're going out of style, and start drinking as soon as you wake up. I have the x rated photos of myself making an utter prick of things to prove it too.

And with that we were off, packed in and on the way out of Toronto. We were the last car to arrive, and landed at the cabin around 6 or 7pm. We however didn't waste any time. As soon as we exited the car, magners were cracked, and it was in we went. After the uproar of the surprise entrance, shots were handed out, I must have had 3 whiskeys before getting to the living room. After hand shakes, hugs, and the odd introduction were handed out, it was onto important duties.

Important duty number one being, the tapping of the keg.

With Keg tapped it was onto pints and conversations, starting with those seldom seen.

After a while, a healthy amount of conversing, and a very liberal portion of alcohol, it was off to the yard to enjoy the fire.

And also enjoy the evenings entertainment, American fire works.

And there I am, nice and intoxicated and not making a fool of myself.

Ah yes, I spoke too soon.

Ah the hot tub, the memories I would have in here... Good memories, bad, embarrassing, and missing ones alike.

Ah the morning hangover...

and the cure a like!

I'd say were fairly well stocked.

Yes quite well stocked, especially as this wasn't even half of it.

Its never an overly pleasant feeling when someone captures you on camera looking as awful as you feel.

And there I am back doing what I do. Feeding a hungry crowd of 20+ people, with grilled pita and lamb kebab.

Served of course with all the trimmings, kebab, pita, lettuce, tomato, onion, tzaziki, and hot sauce. And lets not discount the beer accompaniment either!

Aye boys dig in.

And with lunch everyone was back off to there separate corners.

Of course it just wouldn't be a birthday without cake. Also something enough to get everyone back around the table.

One good reason not to get completely shit faced by mid day.

Two reasons better.

So as some (at least one) of use had chosen to spend there day passed out cold drunk on the living room floor, others decided to watch the home movie Chris had made of our 8 day Algonquin park trip. A well done effort I must say, and a thoroughly enjoyable movie. I just wish I could say I was looking forward to the dvd of this cottage trip, but I really don't need to see my own bare arse pressed against the window of a cottage, mooning the inhabitants, and generally making an utter tit of myself.

After a significant amount of complaints and bitching, I was off to cook dinner (I still like how all I volunteered to do was prep the food, and people took that to mean I was their damn personal chef for the fucking weekend, it wasn't a paying position you know! Next time I'm charging.) We had 4 types of marinated chicken, honey garlic, jerk, buldak, and tandoori.

And with dinner on it was back to drinking. And shortly after getting back on the drink, it was on to the hot tub... and the subsequent alcohol abuse that followed... which only led to more compromising positions for me to put myself in... such as!...

Well if this wasn't the pinnacle of pride wounding, shame inducing, inebriation, then I'm not familiarly with what is! -10 degrees, fresh out of the hot tub, soaking wet, smoking nearly nude, just prior to mooning a room full of people, ah yes, nothing to shake my head at in the morning... nothing at all...

Good lord, there certainly is a difference in mine and Chris' wake up expressions.

Upon our last morning, myself, Matt, and Adam, decided to take a stroll on the lake.

After a brief few moments of calm, and serenity, it was back off to the big smoke.

We crowded around, discussed our plans, talked of times just passed, and with that the weekend was passed. Leaving me to sober up for work, and Matt to contemplate his knew found passage in life.

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