Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 3-5: Drying Off Our Spirits... With Spirits!

Day 3: Picking up the pieces

Well I suppose one of the biggest things to report would actually be in between 2am and 8am on day 3. When Renars (who brought his axe into the tent after specifically being told not to) nearly met a tragic end to his life, as I was ready to bludgeon him to death with his axe. Have you ever heard snoring that sounds like a chorus of a dozen chain saws plowing through a forest of lead pipes being chased by a fleet of ambulances? Well, I have, about a foot and a half from my ear, and I was not pleased.

So sometime around 8am I arose severely irritated from a sleepless night.

We all packed our gear up, and got ready to make our way.

As you can see the camping essentials, mr. noodle, vodka, and toilet paper.
First thing I noticed as we began our trek back down river, was that the shore line was littered in frogs.
Being a little worse for ware then the previous day, the way back down river was not nearly as much of a joy as it was comming up it.

After perhaps an hour or so, give or take, we made it out of the river, and back to lake Biggar. The boys went for a fish and I took a stroll around the beach. After a bit we made our way to the next portage. The next lake we would reach was quite pleasant.
We made our way through to the next portage. After traversing the next portage we reached yet another stunning lake.
We made our way again with good pace through this lake, to the final portage of the day. Starting to run down a bit by this point we didn't move quite as quickly but still over all a good pace. We now made our destination for the next 3 days; Three Mile Lake.

After surveying potential camp sites, we came around the bend on an island only to catch glimpse of a Falcons nest.

After severely pissing it off, we went back to campsite searching. We found a rather large campsite on the same island. Open at both sides around the campfire, spacious back area for tents. The only qualm was it was slightly fire damaged.
We took it anyway.
The first thing one would notice after getting out of the canoe, were the swarms of mino's. When standing still - even briefly - your feet would be swarming with them. Thousands of the nibbling away at the dirt on your feet. What an odd sensation I must say.

The view from the fire pit.

Not wasting time, we converted the bench into a table.
Just the essentials of course.

With our bench now a table, we all decided to flop down and rest on the ground.

After a good rest, and being thoroughly sick of the kinks provided by lying on roots, we cleared off the bench.

(anyone care to take a gamble as to whom earned the nickname Beam?)

As prior mentioned, the camp site came a bit fire damaged. It would appear that some sort of subterranean fire had occurred. The fire seemed to have come through the base of the tree, and spread to damaging the bench and several other parts of the campsite.


We decided we would take to fixing the place up a bit.

So after a while fire wood was gathered.
Grass hoppers caught.

And fishing hooks retrieved.

And with that it was supper time. Matt with his Kraft Dinner, and myself my spicy noodle bowl.
And then of course Renars with his fancy ass 5 servings of pasta.
Shortly after day 3 was put to rest.

Day 4: The Vengeful Spirits

After a good nights sleep we all rose to meet the lazy day. Started off with a brief video.
And then moved on to a feat of strength: Breakfast. Now ordinarily we like to keep it simple for breakfast, which is to say, instant oatmeal. However Renards decided to bring along pancake mix, and no clue how to cook it. So whilst making up the mix, which included some homemade blueberry jam (which was delicious), we looked for ways to cook the damn things.

After a while we decide to cook on the metal plates we had brought.

Using a pair of plyers as a handle to our make shift frying pan.
After not too long, and some serious dedication to the craft, we had a stack of golden brown pancakes.

Mmm mmm mmm. I tell you though, had you told me prior to the moment that it was possible to cook pancakes over a bonfire with nothing but plyers and a metal plate (a hope and a dream), I'd of said go talk to McGyver.

We polished off the pancakes, and decided it was time for drinking.
Renars decided to first have a slurp from Chris' hose........ Sucky Sucky 5 Dolla? Anyone?

And with that brief homosexual outburst, it was on to pickle eating! And by that I mean the cucumber variety.....

Anyhow, we were going with the old Russian standard, vodka and pickles.

After sitting around drinking for some time we all moved on to different activities, some had more food, some had more drink, some swam. Chris however decided to fish a bit on a rock just off coast. He took a wee tumble on his way back.
I really have no comment for this...
Or this really... Although atleast you now know who the Chocolatier is!

Ah it never ceases to amaze me the power of alcohol to transform a person. Chris normally the responsible camper who would scorn someone for irresponsible behavior in the woods decided the fire (sitting below low hanging branches) just wasn't high enough.
Is it high enough yet Chris?

No eh...
Well buddy, not lookin so good there man. Just be sure, don't pass out in my sleeping bag now!

Well, fair warning.

With Chris out cold, and Matt short to follow, we were down to 3.

Myself and Renars drunk and hungry, thought up a good source of food. And with Kels help, we moved on down to the shore. It was Crawfish time!
Hm this cup's not big enough...
Ah feck it, get the pot.

Oh yeah, fresh out the water crawfish, boiled in make shift cajun spice, served with Louisiana Hot Sauce!!!

Content as anything.
As they say, ya ain't cajun unless you suck the head! (no gay joke there)
Shortly after polishing them off, we all took to bed. Renars kind enough to drag Chris into his tent.

Day 5: The Aftermath

We all woke up in a state. Chris especially. Also astounded with himself and his ability to not only get chocolate over everything in the camp, but also to break one of our paddles whilst doing so.

After a while myself and Renars went to check out the lake some. We were looking around at the other campsites and such, with a bottle of Tang and Vodka.
Lord, at this point, I don't think I ever wanted to taste tang again. Still slightly preferred over straight vodka.

Apparently we weren't the only ones in from Toronto.
Now I'm not sure If I mentioned it before, but man, were the Loons out on this trip! It was truly incredible, must have been mating season, loons everywhere, and the majestic cry throughout the day and night. Although, after another day of the majestic crys, I was ready to choke the damn birds.

We got back to camp with the majority of the day still ahead of us. So it was then Project time. Renars was to build a bench.

step 1: Tree Cutting

Step 2: Labouring

Step 3: nails

Step 4: Bench

And with that, came the end of day 5, fairly uneventful, and needfully uneventful all the same.

Day 6: Grim Horizons

(the number is the amount of meters in the portage.)

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